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Rosenburg Christian Fellowship

Weekly Announcements

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Church Directory is now available.

Rose Kornelsen, the wife of Pastor Irwin, passed away on December 7, 2005, at 11:52 a.m.

Sunday, February 19, 2006
~Message by: Dan Freeman
~Topic:  The Shelf Behind the Door
~Today's offering: General
~Next Sunday's Offering: Church Building Funds


GERMAN SERVICE: Tonight at 7:30 pm.  P&W led by Ben Wall, message by Abe Penner.

TUESDAY: Praise and Worship practice at RCF.

WEDNESDAY: Homegroup LEADERS meeting at Profab coffee room, 7:30 pm, spouses welcome.

FRIDAY: Winter Youth Retreat starting at 7:30 PM at teh Arborg Hall. Speaker: Pastor Mac Dumcum.

SATURDAY: Gimli Lakeview Church of God  is inviting all men to a men's breakfast at 9:00 AM. Contact Dan Freeman if you plan to attend.


FELLOWSHIP MEAL: Coming Sunday, Feb. 26, instead of March 5.

Looking Ahead.........Upcoming Events
The Rosenburg Church has a Fellowship Dinner at the Arborg Hall every first Sunday of the month. Everyone is welcome.

We are in need of another traffic usher. To volunteer pleazse contact John Dueck at 378-2504.

Contact Eva K. to help with cupcakes.
Contact Darlene K. to help with baking bread.
Contact Lena D. To help make soup.
Please call in by Monday if possible.  We are short of main-meal makers.
We also need someone to volunteer to bring all teh food to Restoration House on Saturday. Please contact Larry and Darlene K. if you are willing to do this. Thank you kindly and may God bless you!

KINDER CHURCH is available from 10:55 till 12:10 for ages 1-7.

Last Sunday's Collections:

       Sunday School:               $54.58
       Building Fund:                   ~ ~
       General:                          $4087.02
New Church Building Funds:

                    RCF Janitors:
   Feb. 25 + Mar. 4     Mar. 11 + Mar. 18
   Jacob Dueck          Abe T. Friesen

Any servant of God must spend much more time on his face before God than he ever does in the work God gives him to do. ~Rebecca Brown, MD.